KAIA creates healthy and joyful living environments, using art, architecture and urban design as it’s instruments. The starting point of each project is, to fully utilise existing amenities in an imaginative way. 

In close cooperation with its clients, KAIA provides three services depending on the project. These services are based on either Research, Development or Design, or a combination of both.



KAIA makes transparent the existing situation or state, by researching the Qualities & Quantities of an urban area, a building, a social or finance structure. KAIA creates clarity by communicating & visualising the analysed data in a structured manner.


KAIA gives projects a clear direction by developing Strategies & Concepts that are simultaneously obvious & unexpected. KAIA creates a vision that is easy to comprehend and simple to communicate to all parties & partners involved. 


KAIA finds creative solutions to problems that are imaginative and effective, whether it be an Urban Design, Architecture or creating works of Art. KAIA works together with a team of designers, engineers and specialists, depending on the project requirements, because greater achievements are made together.